Bstand Blues | Starting troubles; Match Report : Chennaiyin 1-3 FC Goa
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Starting troubles; Match Report : Chennaiyin 1-3 FC Goa

It promised to rain this Saturday, an alert was issued, but the morning skies were clear and blue. We thought perhaps these are ominous signs for our season and the dark clouds of Bengaluru had to give away to a bright new start. Fans poured in early to watch the first home game of the season.

Football like life has always had other plans. At the beginning of the season, we knew we were missing our two best DM options to transfer and injury. It was fate that the two fixtures they had the maximum influence were the first two we had to play.

FC Goa probably has the best midfield in the league and it showed. They had the numerical superiority over us in the middle with their wide players slightly tucking in and moved the ball at ease in triangles. Young Thapa, Germanpreet with Augusto were overrun but this should serve as a good experience to them.

The Gaurs looked like they were having a training session whenever they had the ball. Chennayin FC didn’t get any help when the young midfield duo committed a few unforced errors leading to loss of possession and even a goal. The flow of the game was marred with frequent disruptions by the Goan players, which in part contributed to our players losing focus and garnering a lot of fouls.

Reminiscent from last season, our first goal came from a set piece with Eli Sabia doing the duties in the opponent’s box.

Postgame the gaffer would concede that it was a tactical mistake that played a big part in the result. The younger players looked tired and disheartened only to be consoled by the senior pros

What we could take heart from this game was, for all the possession, the goals came from throw-ins and a corner. Salom looked energetic in his cameo, creating 3 chances. Maybe, just maybe had Augusto put away his chance, we could have had a different last 15 minutes. Isaac had a wonderful cameo as well. Gregory Nelson was brilliant all game, taking on players and trying to force the initiative. All said and done, two losses in two games look bad. If there’s anyone who knows how to fix the house, it’s John Gregory.

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