Bstand Blues | “The pleasure of watching a live football match of a local club, as a supporter.”
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“The pleasure of watching a live football match of a local club, as a supporter.”

Written by Harin Kannan

I am writing this in the aftermath of a disappointing defeat to Bengaluru FC, which is pretty much the reason I am writing this, for the way we stay relentless behind the boys even during tough times which has compelled me to write this as a very proud member of this wonderful family.

So where do I start, it was in the summer of 2017 when the ISL draft was taking place and I was playing football with my European fan club friends for a 5s tournament, when I was first introduced to the B-Stand Blues. I was following ISL in bits and parts during the previous three editions and had not seen a game live in the Marina Arena, but never did I know a supporters group like this existed for Chennaiyin FC. So I acquired information about this from my European fan club colleagues and I was eager to join them this season and bought the season ticket to get to know more about Indian football and of course the pleasure of watching a live football match of a local club as a supporter.

And thus far there has been no looking back, it has been one hell of a ride so far. I am cursing myself now, for not being part of this bunch earlier. The excitement of going out and shouting your lungs out for your team and intimidating the opponents is one special feeling, which is for all those who haven’t been here yet and love football to come and witness. The way we carry about in supporting our club, from creative chants and banners is wonderful. To see the players bask in joy of us chanting their names makes it all the more fulfilling and the most important thing is giving back to the club, the least we can do by paying for our seats. Another important aspect is the away travel, Supporting our team in the opposition grounds. I am yet to witness that as I missed the Bangalore trip but it will soon be fulfilled in the Kerala away trip which will be my first as a travelling fan.

I thank the B-Stand Blues for being who we are and getting back behind our team at all times and for educating me about Indian football. As a member, I have been vocal to every fan of this beautiful game about the experience of supporting your local club, the pride associated with it and why I pay for my seats, a small contribution to keep this club relevant in my city. To many more years of togetherness and getting behind our team.

#BSB #LoudAndProud

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